Drainage Solutions with an environment focus


HydroS specialises in drainage design combining engineering expertise with environmental awareness.

Our services on drainage include:

(1) Storm Water Management

(2) Urban Hydrology


(1) Storm Water Management

We provide storm water management to address:

  • the effects of flooding due to storm water runoff
  • pollution and other impacts caused by storm water  run off into water courses and other water bodies.

(2)  Urban Hydrology

Another key service provided by HydroS is urban hydrology, where we manage the water environment in urban developments.

Our drainage solutions include conventional drainage solutions or sustainable urban drainage solution (SUDS) which are site specific and innovative.


Below is a is a rain garden planted with plants that grow in water logged areas.

Rain Garden - Photo 1 - HydroS Engineering Hydrology ConsultantsRain Garden - Photo 2 - HydroS Engineering Hydrology ConsultantsRain Garden - Photo 3 - HydroS Engineering Hydrology Consultants